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Our Experts are renowned Consultants in Pain Medicine as well as Expert Witnesses. They are operating at the highest level in their field and are recognised for providing clear and expert testimony which stands the test of scrutiny and challenge.

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We offer appointments for medical examinations within 7 days at our Harley Street Clinic in Central London.

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We are an agile and responsive business who put our clients at the heart of our business. We work with both claimants and defendants with excellent experience in clinical negligence as well as personal injury cases.

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medico legal expert witnesses Dr Jenner & Dr Humble LPC

Medico Legal Experts – Why Choose Us

We don’t apologise for being unique. We are by design very different to other Medico legal Expert Witness providers you work with. We build strong and lasting relationships with our clients because they trust us and we earn their trust by delivering what we promise.

Our clinic is in Harley Street, Central London, the pinnacle of excellence in global private healthcare. Your client will know you have put them in safe hands by securing experts operating at the cutting edge of Pain Medicine. They are also consultants practicing in a leading NHS Trust with great expertise in both Clinical Negligence and Personal Injury Claims.

We offer appointments for medical examinations within 7 days and provide a full report within 3-4 weeks. If that’s not quick enough, tell us and we’ll aim to provide it sooner.

Leading Medico Legal Reporting & Expert Witness Services

We are an agile and responsive business who put our clients at the heart of our business. We have a wealth of medical, business, medico legal, and client expertise and have all worked at the highest levels in our chosen professions. It is this unique collective of expertise that enables us to intuitively and proactively tailor our services to our client’s individual needs. Our reports are recognised to be informative and well written to assist you and ultimately the court in assessing your client’s claim.

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psl “I recommend the services of this company. They are very professional in their approach.  All of my dealings with their staff have been very positive”
Sara Gibbs Solicitor Prolegal Ltd
I was very grateful for the prompt and efficient response of Dr Jenner and his team to my request for an urgent referral and report. They provided a very quick turnaround time.
Alison Huckle, Blake Morgan LLP
pictons“Dr Jenner provides an excellent service. His reports are clear, thorough and well organised. He is careful to address the issues raised and provides thoughtful treatment options. The reports arrive promptly after examination”
Sue Michael, Solicitor from Pictons Solicitors
  I have instructed Dr Jenner on several occasions and have always found his reports to be comprehensive, well written and sensible.  I have found him approachable and responsive and would recommend him as an expert.
Jenny Kennedy, Anthony Gold
capsticks_logo It is a pleasure to work with Medicolegal Associates. Their reports are thorough, and they turn around reports in good time. They respond promptly to queries, and understand the litigation process.
Joanna Bower, Capsticks Solicitors LLP
im-irwin-mitchell“Dr Jenner’s contribution was invaluable in achieving good results for my clients, including a recent claim which settled for a 6-figure sum.”
Stephanie Pelling, Irwin Mitchell LLP
I have instructed Dr Chris Jenner, for medico-legal report work on chronic pain cases on numerous occasions over the last few years. The quality of his reports have always been of the highest standard. They are thorough, knowledgeable and his opinions measured and consistent. This consistency and thoroughness of approach is carried through the litigation process.  I have yet to encounter a case in which his opinion was required to alter from his original reported conclusions. This is a crucial factor in the cut and thrust of litigated cases, and in particular with chronic pain cases where the subjective nature of the pain experience is often misrepresented. His reports are delivered in a timely fashion and he and his team are flexible and helpful . My clients also report that he has an excellent bedside manner and is able to empathise with those whose quality of life has been significantly impaired as result of their injury and symptoms. I have no hesitation in recommending him.
Christopher Lewis, Serious and Complex Personal Injury, Simpson Millar LLP
b&b“I have worked with Dr Jenner for several years. I am consistently impressed with the content and quality of his reports. The efficiency of Dr Jenner and his team and the turnaround time for reports is invariably fast. I have no hesitation in recommending him”
David Black, Bower & Bailey LLP
Dr Jenner’s approach was thoughtful, thorough, and consistent. His reports were detailed and high quality. His input was invaluable.  
Justin Murray, Child and Child Solicitors
newlaw“Medicolegal Associates were instrumental in achieving a successful 7 figure outcome for my client. I would not hesitate to use them again on other complex pain matters.”
Sonia Hodges, NewLaw Solicitors